Linked Data and the Digital Public Space

This page contains the presentation and notes from my session at the Kultivate Project’s Linked Data workshop heled at HEFCE in London on Monday 12th December 2011.

I covered three themes: first, the anatomy of a good Linked Data URI; second, a simple guide to publishing some Linked Data using just a Web server (in our example, Apache) and a text edtior; finally, a little about the BBC's Digital Public Space project.

The Presentation

About the Digital Public Space

Get in touch

Jake Berger — Programme Manager
jake.berger (at)
Bill Thompson — Head of Partnerships
bill.thompson (at)
Mo McRoberts — Analyst
mo.mcroberts (at)

The example data

I modified the URIs slightly from so that they’re something I actually control — so instead of, everything is under